The Caged Monkey begins, again

By Anthony Posted in Announcements

Why has Caged Monkey been redesigned? Where has the beloved brown colour scheme gone? Why can’t I click the tear inside the CME logo? What’s with this horrible paradox of a picture?! All these questions and more are answered in this post!

Ever since the first site went up, we have been meaning to just take it down to remake and redesign a bunch of stuff. And talking of stuff, the stuff page was definitely on the top of our list for redesigns. The time finally had come yesterday and here’s the finished result.

Sure the look has changed and there is considerably less brown, but what did we really change? Well we basically took the old site and covered it with lovely WordPress to make our site easy to update. Previously we would of had to edit html to add content and that wasn’t good! There’s still probably some bugs here and there (here at CME we really hate bugs) and there’s still a bunch of features we will be adding in time, most importantly that forum that everyone really wants.

So yeah, welcome to CME (again). You can give feedback, criticism or ideas if you want. Personally I really hope this new design will cause a big riot of angry people, preferably a mixture of the iTunes logo and Facebook redesign incidents. Then loads of Facebook pages are created called “WE HATE THE NEW CAGED MONKEY PAGE” and “50,000 AGAINST THE NEW CME” boycotting our site, but hey, I can dream : (


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  1. Christopher says:

    You’ve got a (very) nice forum!
    you will need to personilze it a little!

  2. Jack Bz says:


  3. Hauzan (Say hung zan) says:

    I like brown :(

  4. cardaddy says:

    Hey mate! I quite agree with your opinion. I really value what you’re posting here.

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