The Caged Monkey Show poster

This poster advertises the Caged Monkey Show. It was very popular and is now sold out. You can download the poster, print it out and advertise it.


Caged Monkey Mug

Have you ever wanted to drink your tea while looking at a tear jerking picture of a suffering monkey in a cage? So did we! That's why we made the Caged Monkey Mug.


Caged Monkey T-shirt

One of our most popular items at a brand new price, it's the Caged Monkey T-Shirt. It comes in 3 exotic colours: CME Brown, tangy mustard and yellow snow.



A must have t-shirt for all you attention seekers out there. People cannot resist having a good stare at this t-shirt, and when they do, you get a small tingly feeling on your arms and it feels really nice!


Caged Monkey Entertainment Website

That's right, we are selling the whole website, including all the intellectual property and short films. We will also give you our monkey secretary with the website for no extra charge.


Caged Monkey Paradise Island

The island is home of the cherry drop fields, where people frolic among the flowers. It is also full of monkeys, oblivious to the face that you have a knife bag of bananas!


CME Time Machine 3000

Didn't like your first date? Paid £80 for a so called time travelling device that never worked? The CME Time Machine 3000 allows you to travel back in time to change the past! WARNING: May cause paradox.


Caged Monkey Store

Have you ever wanted to own your own online store which sells CME goods to the whole world? So did we! Now you can buy this very store but be quick, we feel that this item will sell quickly!


Caged Monkey Controversial Suitcase

Suitcases sure are boring, and usually the items inside them are even more boring. Clothes and sun lotion, nobody needs this! That's why we created the Caged Monkey Controversial Suitcase. This suitcase will be setting of alarm bells everywhere. Now packed with even more controversial!


Thom Yorke - Tomorrow's Modern Boxes

A record born of silver darkness, pressed onto heavyweight MPEG-2 Audio Layer III completed with undersize lossy data compression, housed within heavy white digital file format. Now available for pay what you want entertainms!