Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions Caged Monkey gets. We have worked really hard to answer every question possible, but if yours doesn’t seem to be listed here, you can get in contact with us.

What is Caged Monkey Entertainment?
Caged Monkey Entertainment is a small film/animation company


Who are the president emperors of CME?

Jack Bz and Anthonyec


What is the name of the monkey in the logo?
That is Ambient, our monkey secretary. He is really ugly, we hate him.


I really like easter eggs, are there any on the CME site?


Why the hell is cagedmonkey.co.uk linked to cagedmonkey.ugmoinc.com? Oh wait no it isn’t. I can’t belive I paid £5 for this site, is this some kind of rip of scam?!?


Sometimes I click ‘Stuff’ and my legs get really sweaty and I really like it. Is this normal?
The ‘Stuff’ page was specifically designed to do this.


I want to pay you money, how can I do this?
Visit our store but be quick, a lot of stuff is becoming sold out!


Does anyone love Ambient?
Ambient (nah jk no one)


Is everything on this site just a big joke or what?
Nope, we have a very serious FAQ.

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